Not a Transportation Project, But a Complex Urban Design Project

Teralta Park in San Diego; a successful park cap that spurred other development.

Caltrans Stephen Alvarez & San Diego Housing Federation Stephen Russell discuss the creation of a park-covered freeway cap over I-15 in San Diego.  This required a multi-disciplinary effort and included integration with a transit plaza in a park deficient area, known as Teralta Park.


The Book on Freeway Caps

A book about how to plan, finance and build freeway caps is soon-to-be published. The author is looking for feedback on each of the chapters, which are listed below. Check it out and provide feedback at: Introduction Chapter 1 – Background Chapter 2 – What’s Elsewhere Chapter 3 – Planning to Build in a … Continue reading The Book on Freeway Caps

Put a Lid On It! Let’s Reunite the Neighborhoods on Both Sides of I-280!

FeaturedThe Columbus cap is straightforward and not too fancy, but it it greatly improved the looks and usefulness of the air above a freeway in Columbus, Ohio. (note, this is an abbreviated version of the original video - to see the full length video, go to: Printable Flyer - Capping the Freeway Printable Flyer - Freeway within a Freeway Imagine what life was like before I-280. For some of us, we have distant childhood memories of orchards and neighborhoods of … Continue reading Put a Lid On It! Let’s Reunite the Neighborhoods on Both Sides of I-280!

Buildings over Buckhead

Example of the Atlanta Financial Center over the 400 Parkway in Atlanta.

Thanks Carlin for pointing this one out.  Here is a great example of buildings, garage and a transit station in car-happy, Atlanta; specifically, the ritzy Buckhead area. Note, the above picture shows only half of the roadway, as MARTA is in the centerlane, similar to the Freeway within a Freeway concept.,-84.368755,316a,35y,180h,39.31t/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en And here … Continue reading Buildings over Buckhead