Buildings over Buckhead

Example of the Atlanta Financial Center over the 400 Parkway in Atlanta.
Image courtesy of Evilarry

Thanks Carlin for pointing this one out.  Here is a great example of buildings, garage and a transit station in car-happy, Atlanta; specifically, the ritzy Buckhead area. Note, the above picture shows only half of the roadway, as MARTA is in the centerlane, similar to the Freeway within a Freeway concept.,-84.368755,316a,35y,180h,39.31t/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en

And here is a new one that is planned in Atlanta to create a 9-acre park using money from a public-private district.

They are using $262,000 from that entity to create the design and a non-profit. The idea is that the non-profit will make it happen with groundbreaking in 2020 and opening  in 2023.

and the cool 3D renderings



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